SMART JASU is a membership management system for NGO(s) and non-profits. One of the challenging task we face is to migrate the system coming from a legacy codebase. Structuring the information architecture was an exciting challenge for us. Our clients were able to gain crucial insight in their membership campaign. The system also handles transfers of members between branches nationwide. One of the best feature that we implemented is its capability to generate custom reports for further detail analysis. As an added value, we perform additional tasks which includes cleaning up spammy data, improve overall security, and increase performance.

Liga BolaSepak Rakyat (LBR)

We worked with LBR to create a match commissioning system to enable them to manage a nationwide league. It can manage teams, leagues, matches and extract crucial insights from the season’s tournament.


We worked with UKMTECH to create a system that manages their Intellectual Property. They need a Facebook like status page to make sure every staff can update their project status easily.

Bangi Gateway Hotel

Bangi Gateway Hotel hired us to create a hotel booking platform. We implemented the e-Commerce platform successfully and every paid booking will notify the hotel manager with all relevant customer details. It can handle price and availability specific for each rooms and dates.